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Storage Heaters

Sphere Energy Solutions LTD are always looking to offer our customers alternative ways of saving money on energy bills at the same time as helping preserve our environment. Old fashioned storage heaters were big, ugly expensive to run and extremely inefficient.

Times have changed and so have the storage heaters. In fact combining modern storage heaters along side one of our PV or micro wind systems can potentially be one of the most cost effective answer to heating your property, especially in large commercial buildings.


There are three types of storage heater, we can supply and install any one of the three.


Stores heat at night to full capacity and releases when required.


Stores heat at night up to capacity but will recognise that if they still have some stored heat from the night before, they will turn off saving on electricity.


The same as auto but with the added advantage of a built in convector heater so they can boost the temperature in extremely cold periods or if heat is required at night when the clay blocks are charging and not releasing heat.


British power stations work extremely hard all day every day to produce enough electricity to provide for our growing populations electricity needs. When most people are asleep these power stations cannot simply switch off.

During the seven hour period between midnight and seven AM the power companies sell the unwanted electricity for a discounted price, usually around 4p per unit depending on your energy supplier. Storage heaters take advantage of the discounted electricity by charging a bank of clay bricks that store the heat until the following day where the heat can be released. Old fashioned storage heaters had very little in the way of temperature control. They were either on or off!

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About Us

Spherenergy are commercial electrical contractors based in Bagshot Surrey. Our areas of expertise are in low and renewable electrical systems, solar panel (PV) installation and off grid systems.

Our commercial electricians are fully accredited for electrical work, through ELECSA, NICEIC, ECA and for our renewable energy services, we are listed with the Renewable Energy Assurance scheme, as well as being MCS accredited as a registered Green Deal Installer.

We offer Off Grid Solutions for remote buildings where access to the electricity grid is not an option. Or for customers who no longer want to pay ridiculously expensive energy bills. As a result of these increasing energy costs, along with the ever decreasing price of solar modules, we believe off grid systems will play a big role in the future of the UK's electricity usage and generation.