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Solar PV Installers in Surrey

With a 4KW PV (Photovoltaic) system potentially saving you over £45000 and the concept of never having to worry about another electricity bill for the next 25 years there has never been a better time to invest in one of our microgeneration systems.

Remember you’ll be benefiting from free electricity and an index-linked, tax-free income all guaranteed by the government for 25 years! If you would like a quote for solar panel installation, complete the form for a Free consultation.

Sphere Energy Solutions LTD is a MCS accredited company specialising in the installation of the latest solar panels, solar energy and photovoltaic systems designed around your needs to achieve maximum potential within their associated environment.

A Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panel system converts the suns energy into electricity. The system consists of two main components; the PV panels mounted on the roof and the inverter mounted ideally in the loft space or as close to the PV panels as possible.

PV Panels- There are three main types of Photovoltaic solar panel; Monocrystaline, Polycrystaline and thin film. All PV panels are made from thin layers of silicone which is cultivated in large sheets. Thin wafers of the silicone are then sliced from these large sheets to create the Monocrystaline panels. The left over pieces of silicone are pressed together to create the Polycrystaline panels. The same happens to create the thin film but in extremely thin pieces. The wafers are then sealed in- between two pieces of glass and placed in an aluminium frame to create the Monocrystaline panels. The same process takes place to create the Polycrystaline panels. The thin film comes in a variety of applications; panel form (these are much larger that the Mono and the Poly panels), thin film also comes as a malleable plastic film which can be bent and shaped ideal for curved buildings. The Monocrystaline panels are the most efficient and most aesthetically pleasing, they are also the most expensive. The Polycrystaline are slightly less efficient but with the PV industry rapidly improving a good quality Poly panel with its slight less attractive finish and cheaper price tag are becoming the panels of choice in more and more installations.

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What are the main benefits
of installing a Solar PV system to your property?

A PV system will provide a modern attractive building material which will dramatically reduce your properties carbon emissions. At the same time you will be providing yourself with inflation proof green electricity for as long as the sun keeps shinning.

With fossil fuel prices rising and the need for alternative energy systems on the increase there has never been a better time to install a PV system. With all MCS approved PV kits coming with a minimum of a 20 year performance guarantee and the generous government funded feed in tariffs fixed for 25 years a PV system would be a long term investment reaping great rewards for years to come.

On average most households use around 3500kwh of electricity per annum costing around 14pence per unit. (1 unit of electricity = 1kwh). One of Sphere Energy Solutions LTD 2kw PV systems can provide roughly 50% of this demand.

The cost of electricity from conventional energy suppliers has increased by 7% per year over the last 10 years and is estimated to continue rising as fossil fuel supplies run out. Installing one of our PV systems would blanket you from the inevitable rise in fossil fuel prices.

By setting your washing machine and tumble drier to turn on during the day while your PV system is producing will save you a considerable amount of money over the years. Not only that but most energy providers will buy your green electricity that you don’t use for 3 pence per unit and feed it back into the grid. Plus With the Feed in Tariffs the government will pay you 41.3 pence per unit for a PV system installed onto an existing building, this is called a retro fit installation. For new build installations the feed in tariffs is a slightly less 36.1 pence per unit. This fee will be paid for every unit of green electricity produced weather you use the electricity, or if it’s fed back into the grid.

Expert PV Solar Panels Installers in Henley on Thames, Windsor, Guildford, Reading, Slough and Surrey.


About Us

Spherenergy are commercial electrical contractors based in Bagshot Surrey. Our areas of expertise are in low and renewable electrical systems, solar panel (PV) installation and off grid systems.

Our commercial electricians are fully accredited for electrical work, through ELECSA, NICEIC, ECA and for our renewable energy services, we are listed with the Renewable Energy Assurance scheme, as well as being MCS accredited as a registered Green Deal Installer.

We offer Off Grid Solutions for remote buildings where access to the electricity grid is not an option. Or for customers who no longer want to pay ridiculously expensive energy bills. As a result of these increasing energy costs, along with the ever decreasing price of solar modules, we believe off grid systems will play a big role in the future of the UK's electricity usage and generation.