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Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Hybrid Systems are a combination of Solar PV panels and Micro Wind Turbines. These kits are ideal for stand-alone installations where a mains electricity connection is not available; remote out buildings, garages, workshops or even mobile portacabins.

The solar PV panels and micro wind turbines run simultaneously charging a bank of batteries which you draw electricity from. This method ensures that a constant supply of 230V AC electricity is available even on a windless night.
The combination of solar PV panels alongside a number of micro wind turbines harnesses the power of our weather systems making the hybrid system efficient all year round in any weather conditions. The Solar PV panels convert the radiation emitted from the sun into electricity; solar PV panels do not rely on the suns heat so even on a cold winters day the PV panels will still be generating electricity.

Hybrid Systems can also be installed on properties with mains electricity taking advantage of the Feed in Tariffs. Get paid for generating green electricity not only in the day but also at night as long as the wind is blowing.
Sphere Energy Solutions LTD provide pv solar panel and micro wind turbines hybrid systems in Henley on Thames, Windsor, Ascot, Richmond, Twickenham, Guildford, Reading, Slough and throughout Surrey and Kent.

About Us

Spherenergy are commercial electrical contractors based in Bagshot Surrey. Our areas of expertise are in low and renewable electrical systems, solar panel (PV) installation and off grid systems.

Our commercial electricians are fully accredited for electrical work, through ELECSA, NICEIC, ECA and for our renewable energy services, we are listed with the Renewable Energy Assurance scheme, as well as being MCS accredited as a registered Green Deal Installer.

We offer Off Grid Solutions for remote buildings where access to the electricity grid is not an option. Or for customers who no longer want to pay ridiculously expensive energy bills. As a result of these increasing energy costs, along with the ever decreasing price of solar modules, we believe off grid systems will play a big role in the future of the UK's electricity usage and generation.